Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Make-up artist Zoe Koritsas and her team made the girls look bold and beautiful for the Hardware LDN Street Fashion Show.  Doing a gorilla event, the girls need to look strong - even more so than usually - to get the attention of the onlookers.  Although - that was definitely not a problem for the Hardware LDN models.  Zoe said of her design...

"The overall look i was going for was "underground glamour with a statement" to reflect the Hardware ethos. 

Bold lips are the perfect statement fashion accessory, so i created a 3- toned lip that exaggerates and dramatises the lip. Its a change from a one dimensional lip to a full spectrum pout. The rest of the make- up is fairy low key with grooming the eyebrows and detailing the eyes with smouldering black kohl sweeping upwards- underneath the eye.  
Using a yellow gold pigment and gloss slicked on the lids to compliments the lip tones and recreates that "underground club" glossy sheen you get on the lids." 

Check out Zoe's website at www.zoekoritsas.com

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